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Janine Pitta Art

Adult Ceramic Class - 9/8, 9/15, & 9/29

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Ceramics class with adults

3 days/nights over 4 weeks

Sundays from 2:00 - 4:30 pm (9/8, 9/15, & 9/29) - 2 ½ hours each day of instruction (7.5 hours in person instruction)

- 2 people at a time

- Cost - $500 per person (includes 2:1 instruction, supplies, glazes, and 2 firings)

Layout of Class

- 1st day - 2 ½ - 3 hours (30 min. Intro, 1 hr. For hand-building and 1 - 1.5 hour for throwing)

- 2nd day - 2 ½ hours (30 minutes intro, 1 hour for trimming and carving)

- 1 week off to bisque fire - Janine takes them to her kiln

- 3rd day - 2 1/2 hours to glaze pieces (30 min. Intro and then prep and glaze for 2 hours)

- Janine will fire glazed pieces and will give pick up times


"When Janine started getting back into ceramics and then brought throwing wheels into her studio?! I knew I had to ask if she was going to teach an adult ceramics class! That’s why I was so excited when she made the announcement in her newsletter that she was going to start a class. I jumped at the opportunity and signed up, and I’m so glad I did! Janine is an AMAZING teacher who really knows her stuff! She gives you so much great information and is very patient, helpful, and hands on. Janine is thorough and gives very clear instructions. She makes the class lots of fun, and the price is incredibly reasonable for everything you get! I definitely would recommend taking her ceramics class."
Joy Steuerwald - Author and Illustrator 

"Janine Pitta Art is nourishment for the soul and her ceramics class is just simply outstanding! :)

I believe that as we get older (especially as parents), it gets more and more difficult to carve out all important time to try new things and better oneself. So when Janine offered her first beginners ceramics class, I was highly intrigued. That said, (also especially as parents) it gets more and more difficult to say yes when treating yourself, as opposed to taking care of your family. So to push me over the edge, my wife signed me up into this class and I’m so grateful for that opportunity!

Janine’s studio and her tremendous teaching skills are on full display when you take this class. I possessed absolutely zero experience when coming in to play with clay and she could not have made me feel more at home while providing understanding of this creative outlet. And at an instructor to student ratio of 1:2, prepare to have the best learning curve possible!

The price is beyond reasonable and the joy (and admittedly, the new found addiction) of making ceramic pieces made me feel so great! We started with some hand formed clay projects to gain some understanding of how the clay behaves before moving on to actually throwing clay onto the pottery wheel. From throwing on the wheel, to trimming later, and then finally glazing your colors, this fully comprehensive experience is chock full of learning, relaxation, metamorphosis, artistic outlet, and great company!

I couldn’t recommend this class more and look forward to the possibility that Janine will create an intermediate class or membership so that I may continue this activity! Having researched the price of what a typical beginner’s ceramics class provides and what materials and equipment costs, I realized that she has the facilities and inventory to provide the lowest cost entry into this hobby at this level of quality. She has 3 pottery wheels in the studio, so both her as the instructor and us as the students have full access to the time availed. She even fires the pieces in her kilns at her house! So between materials, facility, equipment, and most importantly, her patient experience, this course couldn’t possibly be better. Well worth the cost and so deeply fulfilling for my creative outlets, this heart warming class is a must experience!" Tim Fletcher

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  • Teacher Testimonials

    “The virtual art lessons that Janine Pitta put together for my students during distance learning were easy for my students to follow. They were fun and creative! My second graders looked forward to her lessons every time!” - Crystal Albrecht, Second Grade Teacher

  • Parent Testimonials

    “Guided by Mrs. Pitta’s reassuring voice and detailed step-by-step instructions, everyone can create art in this encouraging and supportive environment.  My kids and I enjoyed having “a party in our paint” while learning to rehydrate our watercolors. My 8 year old is able to follow along and work independently with ease thanks to practical reminders like “letting your paint dry before you put it in your art folder!”  Kids who want to learn how to express themselves through art will find these videos engaging and fun!” - Jovy Abad, parent

Made By a Teacher

All lessons have been crafted by Janine. Classroom tested and ready to go!

 “Janine teaches my 6th graders art! She is kind, patient and the kids love her! I would love to learn from her too! She makes art fun!” - Lakshmi Narayanan