Our Mission

Janine Pitta Art is a supportive and joyful studio environment in which to create art. Janine teaches both kid and adult art classes at her Studio in Niles. In addition to art classes, we host Birthday Parties, Team Building/Wellness art events, Pop-up Art events, and Summer Camps. Come discover your creativity with Janine Pitta Art!

Monthly Calendar

View our online calendar to see upcoming events, classes and what is happening.

About Mrs. Pitta

A Natural Art Teacher

I’ve been working as a professional art/classroom teacher since 1995 and have a passion for bringing art into the classroom. I believe everyone is an artist and we need to foster this form of expression in our students. I love putting together lessons to share with teachers that empower them to teach art. I have a BA in Art Studio as well as a MA in Cross-cultural Education. 

In addition to virtual lessons and classes for children, I also offer adult art wellness classes for team building and group events. I’ve found that adults need this time to go back to their childhood and remember their creative sides as well.

I love sharing my passion with others and am so grateful that I get to share my love of art and creativity with others.

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