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Janine Pita Art

Impressionist Still Life Oil Pastel - Virtual Class

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**Introductory Pricing 

- 1 Hour online oil pastel lesson for 20 people ($12.50 per person)  

*Contact for date and time coordination

Google Slide Deck with the following: 

- Supply List (links available with supplies needed - additional cost is supplies needed)

- Examples of Impressionist style still life paintings (both fruit and flowers)

- Sample Templates

- Reference images for flowers

- Inventions that helped spur on Impressionist Artists

- Link to Zoom meeting

- Link to supplies to purchase

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  • Teacher Testimonials

    “The virtual art lessons that Janine Pitta put together for my students during distance learning were easy for my students to follow. They were fun and creative! My second graders looked forward to her lessons every time!” - Crystal Albrecht, Second Grade Teacher

  • Parent Testimonials

    “Guided by Mrs. Pitta’s reassuring voice and detailed step-by-step instructions, everyone can create art in this encouraging and supportive environment.  My kids and I enjoyed having “a party in our paint” while learning to rehydrate our watercolors. My 8 year old is able to follow along and work independently with ease thanks to practical reminders like “letting your paint dry before you put it in your art folder!”  Kids who want to learn how to express themselves through art will find these videos engaging and fun!” - Jovy Abad, parent

Made By a Teacher

All lessons have been crafted by Janine. Classroom tested and ready to go!

 “Janine teaches my 6th graders art! She is kind, patient and the kids love her! I would love to learn from her too! She makes art fun!” - Lakshmi Narayanan